Gold, Silver and Bronze…

Gold, Silver, and Bronze…

Did you watch the Olympics?  I didn’t think that I’d be as interested in the Olympics as I was, but it was a great few weeks.  Every night I would turn on the events to see who won.  It was great to watch these incredible athletes compete against the best in the world.  I paid particular attention to the swimming, the Beach Volleyball, the track and field games and basically any event that had Americans competing.

Anytime Anthony and Alex would see an event, they wanted to know who the ‘American’ was.  And they would root for him/her.  That is exactly how I was in the 1984 Olympics watching with my parents.  I still remember Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis and the immense sense of Pride in Your Country because they were winning.  They are still icons to this day.  I Love that aspect of the Olympics.

Think about this… 

‘Real’ Olympians are amateur athletes.  They are not multi-millionaires that get paid for competing.  I am not talking about the few events that allow professionals compete, like basketball with the millionaire athletes, not the golf where they let professionals play.  But the sports where these athletes have trained every day for the last 4 years to compete against the best in the world for no pay.  These athletes are the best of the best in the world at their particular sport.

How many thousands of hours have these athletes practice and competed up to this point in their lives for, what could be a 2-3 minutes that will define their place in history?

I heard something on Sports Talk Radio the other day about the ‘Psychology’ behind winning and losing your event.  There was some study done about the ‘happiness’ of the athletes after their event.  I didn’t catch if this was only specific to the Olympics or not.  I don’t think that it was.  I believe it was referring to athletics in general, especially the events where individuals are competing against other individuals, as opposed to team events.  This study was done to compare the happiness of the athletes in relation to where they finished the event.

It was found that Bronze medal winners were actually happier than Silver Medalist…

So a 3rd place finish leaves the athlete happier and more fulfilled than a 2nd place finish???

And if you think about this, it makes total sense.  These athletes are preparing a lifetime for the Olympics and their big day is finally there.  Do you think they are preparing just to finish the event?  Heck No!  Their countless hours are in anticipation of winning a GOLD medal at the Olympics.

So, when their event happens, the Gold medal winner gets the most satisfaction, but what happens next just goes to show you human psyche.

There is actually less satisfaction and happiness from the 2nd place finisher, the Silver Medalist, than there is from the 3rd place/Bronze Medalist.


Because the Silver medalist is disappointed in the fact that they ‘ALMOST WON.’  They dissatisfaction stems because they are thinking if they had just pushed a little harder, ran a little faster, had a slightly better score then they could have WON the Gold, but they LOST.  Meanwhile the 3rd place finisher, the Bronze Medalist, is happy that they actually won a medal at all because they ‘ALMOST LOST’ out on getting a medal and were the ‘WINNERS’ of the rest of the field after the first two.

This ‘ALMOST WON, but LOST’ vs ‘ALMOST MISSED OUT, but WON’ mindset is interesting.  There are other instances in day-to-day life that the small victories and Bronze finishes actually put you above the rest of the field.  I harken most everything back to the ‘80/20’ rule, and the Gold and Silver would be the 20% with the Gold being the winner and Silver being the loser, while the Bronze medalist is the winner of the 80%.

Until I heard that the ‘happiness’ meter of the Bronze Medalist is higher than the Silver Medalist, I had never really thought about this.  It makes sense.

Every day is like the Olympics when trying to sell your house.

There is a human psychology that goes into selling a home that is very similar to the Olympics.  You may think that I’m reaching, but follow me here, and you’ll be surprised how closely, at least from a preparation and mental standpoint, the Olympics and home selling actually are.

See, when thinking about selling your home, you need to take a page from these Olympians who train for years for a single event, single day in the Olympics.

Would you go to the Olympics to compete against the best in the world without putting in the time and effort to train to be in optimum condition?


Then why would you try to sell your home without putting in the time and effort to position your home in the optimum position?  At any one time there are thousands of homes for sale locally.  Now if we break that down to price, size, and amenities, then there could be between mid-teens to maybe a hundred homes against which yours will be competing for those same buyers.

Olympians train for years with coaches, nutritionists, strength and conditioning gurus, and sports psychologists in preparation to compete.

Wouldn’t it make sense, when selling your most important investment, to surround yourself with a Team of Professionals that compete and win on a daily basis to join you in your quest for Gold?

All too often I see homes listed for sale with horrible photos.  Unstaged, dirty homes.  How do they expect to stand out from the competition and have a buyer pick their home over the other options on the market?  They are either too lazy to take the necessary steps or have not found the right ‘coach.’

We teach our clients the ‘Contrast Principle’ which is Fundamental Strategy #4 in the book, “The Psychological Approach to Sell Real Estate.”  They are taught that your home must STAND OUT against all other homes so that buyers can create an emotional attachment upon seeing your home for sale on the internet and, just as important, in person when they walk through the front door.

This is done by taking very specific steps that we outline and customize for each client.  For each home, we tell a unique story, both visually and in written form.  The home’s “Story” is what makes it stand out.

To do this.  (To really do this properly)  is painstaking.  I’ve had sellers take months to work from the detailed checklist that we provide to position their home in the best light.  There is nothing easy about selling a home.  But the rewards for those that put in the work come in the form of quicker sales and additional profits.

The alternative:

To not properly prepare.  To not hire the right Team of advisors.  This always ends bad.  Either in the form of lost money, or, worse, being unable to sell your home at all.

Because, unlike the Olympics, when selling your home there is ONLY GOLD.  If your house is 2nd on a buyers list there is no medal, no contract, no sale.

So, the next time you are watching these athletes compete, think about how hard they have trained and remember if you are considering selling, you must have the Olympic mindset and prepare as if you were preparing to win Gold, because the alternative, like the Silver medal, is crushing.