I Was There When It Started

As we start this New Year I want to look back first and thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support.  This journey that we are all on is fun, it is heartbreaking, it has its ups and downs, but what I have found is that those who you choose to surround yourself with, in business and life, determine the level of Impact that you can achieve.

This is not about real estate, although real estate is the engine that drives the train, because without the real estate component the other endeavors would not be possible.  Many months I write stories relating back to real estate and how our Documented Approach outlined in the book I wrote, ‘The Psychological Approach to Sell Real Estate’ helps sellers achieve amazing profits when selling their homes.  My Team works in a cohesive and elaborative effort in what is typically one of the most stressful events in one’s lives – moving – to make this process as smooth as possible.  I often tell you examples of how most real estate agents operate, the pestering, the cold-calling, the Bait ‘n Switch advertising and how we distance ourselves from ‘typical’ agents by doing business DIFFERENTLY.

No, this month I want to speak on something that because of real estate and your support has helped open doors to other opportunities to make a greater Impact.

I have told you the story about how our Podcast, Frederick Advice Givers was born.  That I was looking for an avenue to help other Business Owners and Entrepreneurs share their ‘STORY.’  Stories are the most impactful way to create a connection and bond with your audience.  And from that, the media deemed the most successful for helping others share their story is through Interviews on a Podcast.  Now, nearly 2 years and 100 interviews into Frederick Advice Givers the Impact that interviewees felt through sharing their story has been incredible.  The results and the feedback that the Podcast has received throughout the community has been incredible.  We are continuing to grow our Frederick Advice Givers community, the interviews, the magazine continue to be a core media component.

But something was missing.

I have told you the stories about my cousins, Justin and Zack Warfield, who were like brothers to me.  Their untimely passing’s within the last 5 years.  First Zack on a boating accident on July 4, 2011 at the age of 35, then Justin last May after a heroic battle with tongue and jaw cancer at the age of 41.  Both were unexpected and tragic and have left a huge void in our family and everyone that had ever met Justin and Zack.

What became apparent to me during the days after their passing’s when friends, acquaintances, co-workers gathered to share their stories and how each impacted their lives was incredible.  Both Justin and Zack on their short times impacted their communities and so many individuals that their legacy will be felt for decades to come.

It made me think, “Am I doing what I can to have a positive and lasting impact that helps others?”

Then in early October I attended an Event in Orlando that included Entrepreneurs from all of the US, Canada, and even New Zealand there were about 45 of us.  We talked business and how to scale using the Storytelling strategy that we’ve finetuned over the years.  We spoke about doing business differently than others in our field, about how our philosophy of growth would be rooted in helping others.

Most importantly, we spoke about how we could have a greater Impact within each of our communities, and then if each of us did our part how we could have a huge Impact collectively.  Each of us, within our community, by pooling together individuals can make a HUGE impact by supporting and donating to local charities.

Thus the idea of the Impact Club was born during this event in Orlando.  Since that time, the infrastructure and the details of the Impact Club have evolved into to the point that the first chapter of the Impact Club was founded on Dec. 19, 2016.

The Impact Club turns small donations into huge Impact.

There is a quarterly event that invites 3 local charities to the live event to share their story, their mission, who they help and at the end of the 3 charities sharing their story the Impact Club members take a vote and the charity with the most votes receives a check from all Impact Club members for $100.

If there are 100 members, that is a $10,000 Quarterly donation to a local charity and each year $40,000 would be infused into local communities.  And if we have 100 Impact Club chapters that is $4,000,000.00 donated ANNUALLY to local communities.

Think about it.  Most everyone can afford a $100 donation but people are hesitant to donate because they think that that $100 won’t make a difference, BUT by pooling funds together with other like-minded, giving individuals that $100 is now $10,000 or more.  Think a charity could make a greater Impact with a $10,000 donation?

So, by organizing an Army of individuals who are purpose-driving in helping others, the Impact Club will help so many people.

I’m starting the process of forming the Frederick Chapter of the Impact Club and I need your help.

I am thrilled to announce that Frederick will be the 3rd location in the world to have an Impact Club. You can get on the ground floor of something that I know will have a tremendous effect both locally and throughout the world.  But I can’t do it alone, I am looking for 5-10 people to help me with our first event.  To help spread the word.  To help get new members.  I don’t need you door knocking or pestering, I just need you to share the mission and others will hop on board.

Can I count on your help?  Email, Text or Call me to let me know that you are in…

The Impact Club is the way that we can GIVE BACK.  It’s a vehicle for us to help others through strategic infusion of funds to local charities.

The first of MANY Impact Club Events

What I didn’t anticipate, and I should have, was the traffic being so horrific that it took me 2 hours and 6 minutes to go 58 miles to Woodbridge Va last evening…

But I gladly drove 15 mph most of the way because I knew the night was going to end with a check donated to a, yet to be named, charity for $10,000!!!

Upon arriving 43 minutes late to the event I had to sneak in the back door as to not interrupt the speakers who were just starting to share their story about their charity.  One by One there were 3 charities that shared their ‘Story’, their mission, and their purpose in how they give back and help the local Northern Va community.  Each one did a fantastic job and all 3 charities have wonderful purposes in helping others.

There was one charity who was founded by ‘Tattoo Tom’ that told the most emotional story of the evening.  Tom spoke of his daughter who passed away from childhood cancer.  Tom’s speech was so powerful and moving, he spoke about how strong his daughter was in battling cancer.  About how Tom’s mission is to now be there and comfort other kids who are battling cancer, to provide love and warmth and compassion and friendship and support (financial, but more importantly emotional) to these kids who are battling cancer.

Tom was an interesting character, all tatted up and bald looking like he just came off the set of Easy Rider, but when he spoke and shared his story something happened…  Tom connected with the audience through the words he used and the compassion in which he shared his mission and purpose.

I got a lump in my throat at first thinking about my 2 sons and what this man must have gone through watching his daughter battle and then succumb to cancer.  I thought about the sleepless nights Tattoo Tom must have had, about that hole that he has in his heart, a space once occupied by his daughter.  I started to tear up as Tom spoke and I glanced around the room of about 130 people and noticed that most were doing the same thing, wiping their eyes to hold back the tears.

Tom was the last of 3 charities to speak. 

And then the 112 founding members of Impact Club of No. Va voted on which charity should receive that evenings donation…

See, that is how the Impact Club works, the members they hear the Stories of 3 charities and then each member gets a vote to determine which charity should receive that evening’s donation…  (there are many many more details that I’ll be sharing with you in the coming days and weeks as I’ll be launching a Frederick chapter).  Stay tuned on Facebook, and through the MorningMusings (if you haven’t registered, please do so at www.MorningMusings.net)

After the ballots were counted, Tom and the Stillbrave Foundation were the winners of last nights donation of $11,200….  Yes, you heard me right, $11,200!!!

But what Tom did next goes to show you the Core of his Character…  Tom, being the guy that he is, split the donation with the other 2 charities that didn’t ‘win.’  Yes, he could have put that $11,200 to good use for his charity, but Tom felt it would make more Impact, and was ‘just the right thing to do’ to have the money Impact 3 organizations, not just 1.

Last night was a special event because this was the first Impact Club Event… Ever…  Over the coming year you will see these Impact Club popping up in communities all across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and even New Zealand.

In January, you will see the 2nd Impact Club pop up in Temecula, CA. founded by my buddy, Josh Painter.  Then, the end of February we will host our first Impact Club in Frederick.

What the Impact Club does it turns Small Donations into Huge IMPACT.  The members, yes they get their own benefits, and I’ll explain those, but the purpose is give back to the community that gives so much to us.

I am asking for your help… I’m asking you to ‘Join Me’ in making an Impact in our Community.  I’ll be releasing details very soon and I need your help.  I would love for YOU to become a founding member of our Frederick Chapter.  My buddies, Ryan Sloper and Ryan Fletcher were able to get 112 founding members for the Northern Va chapter… I want MORE (I know the support that the Frederick Community has for giving back and helping others.  I see this everyday)… I want the Frederick Chapter to write an even BIGGER check than the $11,200 one that Northern Va. wrote to the Tattoo Tom and Stillbrave Foundation.

Thanks!!!!  To find out some more details about Sloper’s Chapter got to www.MakeImpactClub.com , but don’t sign up Sloper’s Northern Va chapter we will have our own page to register as a member.

Can I Count On You?