September 9, 2006. Where Has the Time Gone? – October 2015

September 9th, 2006 holds a special day in my family’s life: the day our first son, Anthony, was born. His birth, along with Alex’s birth and our wedding day, 3 dates that I cherish, are dear to my heart and carry extra meaning.

Having just celebrated Anthony’s 9th birthday brings with it a certain amount of excitement, joy, nervousness, and apprehension. He is as close to graduating high school now as he is from his birth. Next year he will no longer be in the single digits. Then the following year, he will be in middle school. Then we will blink again, and he’ll be driving. Shortly after that, he’ll be going off to college.

People have said that when you have children, time accelerates, and the years go by quicker. I can 100% attest to this FACT! It could be that once you have children you will NEVER have a full night of sleep again. It starts with the feedings and diaper changes. Then it moves to staying up when they are sick. Now we might get a bed partner or 2 in the middle of the night. I’m sure there will be sleepless nights when the boys are out late with friends.Then the worries of college.

But you know what? Having children has been the most amazing, rewarding, and – sometimes – hardest thing that Susan and I have ever done.
Nine years ago on September 9th, 2006, Susan and I were home in our bedroom and Susan got up in the middle of the night and said, I think my water broke… Anthony was breach so we had a C-Section planned in 2 weeks, so this was a SHOCK. I ran up to tell my Dad the news (Susan and I built a home on a neighboring property, so we can walk to each other’s house.)

I ran into the house and said, “Dad, OUR WATER BROKE! OUR WATER BROKE!” Dad groggy from me waking him up, replied, “Don’t worry Son. We’ll fix the pipes in the morning.” He thought I meant the water to our house was broken.

“No Dad, Susan’s water BROKE! She’s going into labor!”

Well it finally registered with him what was going on! My mom was out of town visiting my grandmother and we called her and they immediately start driving home from Virginia.

We called Susan’s parents and brothers, Mikie and David. Her parents said, “We’ll leave first thing in the morning.” And Mikie and David were actually just finishing up a night out on the town.

We called the OB and find out that the one who was planning on doing the C-Section was actually on call at the hospital that night, so we were relieved that she will be available to do the surgery. Once we arrived at the hospital, we saw that my Dad had actually beat us there and had made his way back to the Delivery area.

Anthony was delivered via C-Section at about 8:30am and, besides having low blood sugar, was healthy.

The events of that day are ingrained in my memory forever. What happened 9 years ago, seems like it could have happened yesterday. Although those first 2 years included a lot of late nights, early mornings, and little sleep, it seems like these days have flown into weeks, into months, into years, and now nearly a decade since my boy was born!

Time really does fly!

To think that I started in Real Estate a full 4 years before Anthony was born blows my mind. Having transitioned from a 9 to 5 ‘regular job’ to a Real Estate agent has been one of the best, most rewarding decisions of my life. I have come to grow both personally and professionally, having helped so many clients, who have become friends, buy their dream homes or sell their current home.

I have been rewarded with the most Amazing clients who understand that the time, commitment, and advice that I give to them comes from the heart. My recommendations – not always what they want to hear – are honest and in their best interest.

To give perspective, I just recently had a couple come back to me for a 3rd time to help them sell and move. They had sought me out and were a referral from another client after their first child was born, and they wanted to get a bigger home. They sold that home and bought another, and we have done that twice since, as family and life circumstances have changed over the years.

I am HONORED that my clients, my friends, have that trust in me to come back again and again to help them with what is the largest financial commitment they ever make!

Just as it seems like yesterday that Anthony was born, it really seems like yesterday that I started this incredible journey in real estate, helping people that I care about and want the best for.

Happy Fall… Get those Pumpkin Carving tools ready.