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Would You Like Me To Show You How The Strategies in my Book “The Psychological Approach to Sell Real Estate” Can Put Up to $30,000 of Extra Profit In Your Wallet … For Free?


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I’ve set aside some time to talk to you, personally. And during that time, I’ll evaluate your home and its sale-ability, and work with you collaboratively to create an immediate actionable plan to increase your profits by as much as $30,000 or more vs. other similar homes on the market.


See, after years of research I have found that Steve Jobs used human psychology, not fancy marketing or promotion, to sell tens of millions of iPhones, iPods, and iPads! And he did it all at premium prices. What if his secret could be applied to selling real estate? This book delves into the SEVEN FUNDAMENTAL STRATEGIES that he uncovered and used to build Apple…but with a twist. The strategies outlined in The Psychological Approach to Sell Real Estate have been adapted to real estate—specifically, Selling Real Estate at a Premium Profit.


To be clear, this is not the typical Realtor B.S. I am a serious student of Steve Jobs, and studying his fundamental strategies, has led me to discover this new approach… and if interested, I’m happy to share it with you.


There is no charge for this and there’s not a catch. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, we can discuss working together long-term.


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