Stories From The Street… December 2016

The 3 Stooges of Real Estate…

The low lifes of Real Estate.  They never fail to amaze me in the peskiness.  Their disregard for proper etiquette.  Their ‘always chasing’ mentality.  That’s why I refuse to do what THEY do.  It’s against the core of my character.  But honestly, it makes what we do… What you and I do all the more amazing.  I’ll get to that in a minute, but wanted to talk about Halloween first.

Writing this just after Halloween is fitting…

Hope that you had a good time with the kiddos, family, neighbors, or whomever you got to hang out with during Halloween.

We have a tradition of going to the Sipe’s house.  Because we live in a rural area, we can’t walk to houses.  Our night would start at 6:03 and end at 6:08 because there are 3 houses that are within walking distance to us.  So at about 4:30 we gather up the Boyz, get the costumes, some candy and appetizers and head on over.

Once we get to the Sipe’s, Geep starts making homemade pizza.  The dude is a stud with making Pizza.  Anthony and Alex love rolling out the dough to the perfect thickness, then applying the sauce, and finishing it with the cheese and toppings.  Yes, they make a mess but it’s a great time and everyone has a blast… And the Pizzas are darn good too!

Then we gather up the kids, get our costumes on, and our first stop is always a drive over to Lucia’s house (the wonderful woman who did daycare for us and our good friends for so many years).  We still invite Cia and her family to our birthday parties and special events.  She is family to us, as she played such an integral part in our children’s lives.

See, when someone has such a profound impact on your life, there is an unbreakable bond.

Not like a flimsy piece of cheap yarn, but much stronger like a bungee cord.  Could you imagine someone jumping off a bridge, risking their live with weak cord?  Heck no, these are military grade, high quality bungee cords.  That is the bond you have with those closest to you, those that have a profound impact on your lives.  Cia was there for our kids.  She fed them for years.  She was there for their first steps.  Helped potty train them.  Helped teach them how to write.  How to count.  The alphabet.  How to interact with and treat other children.

This bond with Lucia is like that military grade bungee cord.

And although we don’t see here every day because our kids are no longer there, the impact she had on their lives is felt daily.  Thus, when there are birthdays, big events we invite Lucia and her family.  Like the bungee cord, it might stretch but it doesn’t break.

So, we pile the kids into the car and head over to Lucia’s house so we can see her and include her in the night.  We love seeing her and the kids love including her.

Then we drive back to the Sipe’s house, park, and start walking around the neighborhood.  In 30-45 minutes, we hit 75-100 homes.   They run from house to house trick or treating.  Some people have elaborate setups.  One house even had a ‘haunted tent’ in their backyard that they invited the kids in.  I love that people get so enthralled in one night a year.  You know what it does?  It takes their minds off the daily ‘grind.’  They were probably planning for months, if not a year, since last Halloween for what they could do this year.  How they could top last year’s decorations.

The Boyz love it!!!

Then at the end of the night all the kids get back to the house and start sorting the candy.  Trading candy they don’t like with Peyton and Avery for candy they do like.  Then they make a pile and give to Kelly so that she can take some candy and put in her prize box at school.

These memories, these nights, they will be over quick. 

The Boyz will be in high school and they won’t enjoy these events anymore.  Thus, we need to enjoy these ‘small moments’ and cherish them, because they will quickly be gone.

Back to the Three Stooges.  They never cease to Amaze me.

I have a client that I’m working with to buy a new construction in Frederick.  I’ve known Phil since high school.  I met with Phil and his fiancé, Emily, a few years ago but for one reason or another they weren’t quite ready to purchase.  No worries.  Well, things change.  Circumstances change.  About a month ago he and his now wife called me and said they were ready to buy.

They knew the in which area they wanted to buy and that they wanted to buy a new construction house.  We met with the builder rep, looked at the models, spoke about financing and timelines.  And then what happened next didn’t surprise me…

Sue Mart was sitting with our clients getting ready to sign a contract and our client said, “Hey.  Jim, Tom, Jerry (not their real names) all reached out to me in the last day or so about working with me.   They heard that I was thinking of buying and reached out to me asking if they could work with me.”

Sue Mart texted me while she was there that these 3 agents reached out to OUR client.

My response, “Ha.  Not surprising… Vultures…  Just tell [our client] to tell them, ‘I already have a buyer agent.’”

Apparently, my client spoke to a lender.  Well that lender must have started talking to other agents.  These agents, like a vulture hovering 5,000 feet above the ground searching for prey using their keen sense of smell to find a dying animal, got wind of someone looking to buy.

This is how these agents think of clients, as dying animals. 

They were ready to pounce on my client and start tearing away at his soul with their ‘sales pitch’, but luckily, our client had a defense.  He had his relationship with me to fall back on him and save him from the vultures.

The names of these Vultures are a who’s who and would surprise you.  Two of their last names are the same as Brokerage names in the area, and the 3rd is a guy that has been in the business and is local to Frederick.


SueMart asked me the question, but she already knew the answer after working with me for 2.5 years.  “Would you ever do that?  Call someone out of the blue that ‘you heard’ might be buying a home?”


In fact, I don’t call people ‘looking for business.’  I’m fortunate enough that my content does the heavy lifting, so people seek me.  The Book. The Newsletters. The Podcast. The Daily Emails.

The other agents, have none of the content that we do… So they have to Vulturize for their business.

These Vultures never cease to amaze me.