Stories From The Street- October 2016

Don’t Be Afraid…

Yesterday I had about 15-20 minutes to kill between appointments and I was out in a part of the county that I rarely get to. I was driving to the house thinking, Let me get there and answer some emails before my clients gets there.  But something moved me to ‘pop in’ to see a ‘friend’ and have a quick visit instead of going to answer emails.

This quick impromptu encounter had a PROFOUND effect on me and crystallized what I have been continuously thinking about.

I was passing the home for one of my favorite clients, Mr. Bitler. I quickly turned down his street and took a chance to see if he was home so I could stop in and say “Hi” for a moment.

Mr. Bitler was home and I’m not sure who was happier to see the other. See, Mr. Bitler is one of those good hearted people. He could not have been more gracious for the time and effort that Sue Mart and I had put into helping him sell his home and buy a new home closer to his son.

A few minutes into the conversation, Mr. Bitler tells me that his new neighbors know me. They have known me since I was a kid and he shares my newsletters with them. He tells me their names (I’ve already told you how I am with names) so I obviously have no clue who they are. I don’t think much of it as my family has been around the area for 59 years and ‘Verdi’ is not a common name so they very well might know my family.

I go to leave and Mr. Bitler walks me out and the neighbors are outside.   He tells me to come on over and you can talk to them. I can’t say no to Mr. Bitler and at this point I’m intrigued to find out who the heck these people are.

I walk over with Mr. Bitler and he’s saying, “Hey, look who I have… It’s Eric Verdi.”

To make a long story short, I come to find out they are Brother and Sister In-Law of one of my neighbors (Roy and DeeAnn) growing up. Roy and DeeAnn were lifelong friends of my parents and had 2 boys, a few years older than me. Growing up in the country like we did, we were all friends growing up. But I still don’t think that I’d ever met Mr. Bitler’s neighbor’s and if I did it was 30 – 35 years ago.

So I do the obligatory small talk trying to figure out if I’d ever actually met them. I ask about Roy, DeeAnn and then Chris and Cory (the boys about my age) and their kids. So I get to find out about my former neighbors.

They then say, “It looks like you are doing well. What are you up to?” I tell them, “well, I have 2 boyz that keep me busy… and we built a home down on my family’s property.”

This is the aaaahhhhh moment for me!

They are shaking their heads as I’m telling them this and they say, “Yes we know. Mr. Bitler lets us read your Newsletter.”

Holy Crap. That’s right.


If they are reading my newsletter and have been for the last year since Mr. Bitler moved in then they are up-to-date on how I am doing and the major happenings in my life. They know that I have 2 Boyz, Anthony and Alex. Know that I’m married to Susan. Know that we recently went on a trip to Boston. Know that my cousin Justin recently passed away from cancer.

So, it is like they know me through the Stories that I’ve told even though I haven’t seen these people since I was just a kid some 3 PLUS decades ago.

My Point here, and I’m getting to it:

People remember STORIES… That is the entire reason that I created my new website as a central HUB for the stories that we create. I’ve even coined the phrase, “Creating a Movement One Story at a Time.”

Think about it. How powerful is it, that these ‘strangers’ have gotten to have a glimpse into my life? They know me. They know my family. They know my struggles. They know my character. They know my Story, even though they really are complete strangers to me.

They feel like they have a personal connection to me.

All through the newsletter that I spend HOURS a month writing. My first newsletter took 40 hours to write. 40 hours for one month’s newsletter! 40 hours to craft a message, to share a couple stories. And then I did it again the next Month. And the next. And now 3 plus YEARS later, I’m still writing and sharing the Stories you read monthly.

Do you know how hard it is to write EVERY month???

So, I recently was kicking around the idea about how I could help others share their Stories on a monthly basis…

I was listening to a John Lee Dumas Podcast the other day and he had the founder of Book in a Box on. This dude created a company helping others share their message through a book. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking we could put together to help others share their ‘Story’ Monthly through a PRINTED newsletter. Nothing has been more powerful and impactful in what I do than the ‘The Eric Verdi Letter’ and helping others share their Story is the next evolution…

I’m at a point in my career that it’s time for me to give back and to help others. I’ve been blessed, I really have to have such wonderful, wonderful friends (like you, like Mr. Bitler) that help Share my Story that I don’t have to really do any ‘Sales.’ I never chase. I never pester. I don’t have a canned script. I don’t have presentations. I tell Stories and I write my newsletter.

I’m currently constructing a plan to help others share their story without having to go through the labor of learning how to write a newsletter. I told you the 40 hours that it took me to write my first one. What I didn’t tell you was the 100 + books that I read to learn how to write and craft a message.

Am I a good writer? Heck No! Not by any stretch. My grammar sucks (until my wife corrects me). But what I’m good at is telling a Story. I try to write as I talk, as if we are having a conversation. And it works. I get calls, emails, texts all the time about how people are moved by the Newsletter.

So, I’m currently laying out the foundation and blueprint to help others share their stories through a newsletter so that they can see how POWERFUL stories really are. They can reinvent their business so that they don’t have to cold call, to chase, to pester. They can just tell Stories. We are beta testing this with one of my agents… How I can put a system and structure in place to help others!!!

I’ve been thinking about this for about a year now. And I’ve been afraid or hesitant to actually do anything about this. But Mr. Bitler cemented what I knew, he just slapped me in the face with the reality that people really do read my newsletter. My subscribers really do share the stories they read.

Thank You for reading… Thank you Mr. Bitler for giving me the kick in the behind that I needed.