Stories From The Street- June 2016

It’s the EXTRA 10% that can make all the difference.


I have found in Business and in life that there is ‘good enough’ and there is going ‘above and beyond’.  While ‘good enough’ is how most operate and find moderate success in business, there is a threshold that cannot be overcome by just being good enough.  Most in Real Estate, operate on the ‘good enough’ premise.  They don’t push the boundaries, they don’t innovate, they are happy going from transaction to transaction never building a relationship with their client.

Think about it.

The process of buying and selling a home is the important financial decision.  Maybe it’s not the largest financial decision but because you are dealing with your home and with your family, it is the most important.

Most agents don’t understand this.  They view their clients as transactions. However we view our clients as FRIENDS and we form tight and long lasting relationships.  I still keep in constant touch with clients, who ultimately become friends that I met 10-12 years ago.


Because my clients realize that we go above and beyond.  They know that I’m there with an answer to their questions during and even after they buy/sell.

I view my clients as family… they say it better than I ever could.

Holly said, “Eric is the absolute best realtor! He is knowledgeable, personable, and available to answer every question you might have. He is extremely efficient and makes the process so much easier than I ever could have thought!”

Thanks Holly.  It is answering these questions that is important, as most clients have a ton of questions about the process.

Lisa said, “The expression “going above and beyond” is an extreme understatement when I describe the effort and experience Eric expended in assisting me with this purchase. He assembled a team of experts for a lengthy and stressful due-diligence process and educated himself when in unfamiliar territory. I truly believe there isn’t a deal Eric can’t do!”

This concept of Team that Lisa mentioned is important.  I make sure that I surround myself with like- minded individuals that go the extra mile for our clients.  And if I don’t know the answer to a specific question or subject, I can usually find an expert in that arena that can.


These Stories.

This trust is why I was looking to hire an assistant to help me with my business two years ago. The #1 trait that I was looking for was someone that ‘cared.’  Everything else would fall into place if this person cared about our clients.  So much of what we do on a day-to-day basis is dealing with people.  It is the largest, most emotional and stressful investment and above everything else we need to realize this sole fact.  The importance of what we do is not taken lightly.

As you know, just about two years ago I took the plunge and hired a full-time Executive Assistant, “Sue Mart”.

If you know me, you know I’m a control freak when it comes to my clients.  Things have to be done properly because my clients are my number one priority.  With that being said, finding someone who cared as much about my clients as I do was top priority.  Finding someone who was the opposite of me workwise was important.  (Sue Mart is super organized… not me… I’m a mess.  So she keeps me organized with our clients and paperwork)

I hit a home run with Sue Mart.  She has exceeded my every expectation.  She cares for our clients; she truly wants what’s best for them.  She bends over backwards for our clients…

Just the other weekend we had clients, first time home buyers and without Sue Mart they might not have gotten their ‘dream home.’   I was scheduled to go out with them Sunday morning to see eight or nine homes.  We had the day all mapped out and were ready to go out looking.  Then Friday night, a new listing popped on the market.  Our clients saw the home and wanted to check it out…  This was the type of home they wanted.  The right area.  So getting out to see it ASAP was imperative.

I was coaching soccer on Saturday morning and then we had a family function, we went to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the Hippodrome in Baltimore.  There was NO WAY that I could show the house on Saturday.

So Sue Mart, not skipping a beat offered to show the home Saturday morning.  She adjusted her schedule to get it done.

The clients LOVED the home and wanted to make an offer…

So from the show, (intermission J )  I was texting the lender to get the figures and a preapproval letter, and texting the other agent to talk to her about a potential offer.

Then Sue Mart got the contract together and written for me.

When I got home I had about 45min until the clients arrived to go over the offer, explain everything to them, figure out the best terms of the offer and have them sign.  This process once they arrived, took about 2 hours.

And get this…

While I was going over the offer, Sue Mart even babysat their infant daughter so that they could concentrate!

Now this was a hot property that had 12 showings in 2 days… so swiftness was needed.   By 9pm Saturday, the offer was in the sellers’ hands.  We negotiated the terms the next morning, and then by noon the following day our clients had a contract!!!

It is this swiftness and flexibility of Sue Mart that allowed our client to be first in line and get their dream home.  They were THRILLED because they were getting their first home!  While most agents would have waited around and missed out on this opportunity, it is because of Sue Mart our clients got their home.


Because she CARES about our clients!!!  It is that caring of what is best for our clients that makes us go above and beyond.  Twice last week, I was up late.  On Thursday night I was emailing, calling, texting on another property for a seller.  I was negotiating a contract until 12:03am Friday morning to get the contract for our client.  Why?  Because this was in the best interest of our client.  Most agents work for their client but do it on their schedule.  Not us… We work when it’s best for our clients!!!

That being said, I have strict rules about meeting with clients initially.  They have to know that I have a family. Although I will bend over backwards for them and work crazy hours, my family comes first.  I coach my boys’ soccer four nights a week and games are Saturday mornings.  I also take my boys to and from school.  So clients have to work on my schedule. That being said, “When it comes time to doing what is best for our clients, Sue Mart and I will do everything in our power to do what is best.”

This ‘Story from the Street’ stemmed from a conversation recently with an agent who is doing the bare minimum It is what I would refer to as malpractice (if we were in the medical field) for his client.  It is frustrating knowing his clients are getting such inferior service and guidance.   This is a story for another Month.


Have a great Month,