Stories From the Street – April 2015

“Introducing Frederick Advice Givers”

I am thrilled to announce to you that I’ve started a Podcast called Frederick Advice Givers where I interview local entrepreneurs and business owners.
The story of how I came to be doing a weekly podcast with local business owners and entrepreneurs started last summer when a sales rep for a magazine called Ijamsville Living (I believe that’s the name) contacted me about advertising in her magazine because I’m a local business owner in the Ijamsville area.

The magazine was laid out nicely, printed well, and looked professional but was nothing fancy and, in my opinion, was just full of ads. There were maybe 3-4 ‘featured’ articles and 2 of them were stock articles taken from a national publication. And there were probably 60 ‘ads’ that took up a majority of the magazine. Then 1 or 2 articles would feature a local business owner. It just so happened that the month that she showed me, my friend and past client, Amy Goldsmith owner of Kindred Nutrition was one of the featured articles. So, I called Amy and asked if she found value in advertising in the magazine and what she thought of the featured article. She said that it was a nice publication, but that she couldn’t trace any direct business back to her year-long commitment to Ijamsville Living.

The sales rep pitched me on the fact that the magazine was a niche publication that was only sent to about 500 homes in the Ijamsville area and that if I did a year-long commitment with a certain size ad that I would be a ‘featured’ story in one of the months. I asked her if I could change my ‘ad’ or do any direct response type featuring my listings? She said that the ads could not be changed from the normal format. Then she got to pricing and it was something like $350/mo for a ¼ page ad. I almost fell out of my chair $350/mo for a small ad that I couldn’t feature my sellers’ homes, in that went to 500 homes where I would be among 60 other advertisers, and my feature would be about 4 paragraphs… I decided to pass…

But this got me thinking.

I come into contact with business owners and entrepreneurs on a daily basis. What if I could help them add value to their business by helping them tell their ‘story?’ I first kicked around the idea of writing other business owners’ and entrepreneurs’ stories and then helping them distribute.

This is what I have done in my business each month with my ‘Eric Verdi Letter’ newsletter, I started writing my ‘Story’ and opening up to readers about my business and philosophies, getting my ‘Story’ out to my readers and potential clients. Since I’ve evolved from a cookie cutter type newsletter to a personalized newsletter where stories are shared the feedback has been AMAZING.

I thought about this some more, and about this time, started listening to Podcasts. I quickly became intrigued with the interviews in stories of these Podcasts. The ones I tend to listen to are: Entrepreneurs on Fire, Mixery, James Altucher, Agent Marketing Syndicate. They tend to focus on business owners and are all Story based. From here, I started researching and found that anyone could start a Podcast. After months of research and development, I kicked around the idea to some of my business owning friends and they LOVED the idea. So, then it was full steam ahead.

It took months get everything up and running and get the intro music, artwork, website, etc., but the most nerve-wracking part (for me) was the actual interview.

So as of this writing, I have recorded 7 interviews and have released the first three. The interviews are being released on a weekly basis through iTunes and the website (www.FrederickAdviceGivers). The feedback from the first two episodes has been overwhelming.

From the interviews we are taking the transcripts and turning them into a few key points that each interviewee can then, in-turn, give to their prospective clients as a point of differentiation in their field.

That is why I’m writing about the Frederick Advice Givers Podcast in this newsletter. Much like how I’ve grown my Real Estate Business, I wanted to reach out to you, my friends, first. You are the lifeline of my business and referrals, and I want to give you the first crack at being interviewed on the Podcast, to share your professional story. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, have a product to share, or if you personally know someone who you think would good to interview, let me know.  If you are interested, or know someone that may be, have them email me at or send them to my Booking site:

To tune into this week’s or previously released episodes you can go to iTunes and type in “Eric Verdi” or “Frederick Advice Givers” or go directly to the website and access the direct link to the Podcast.

Thanks for being a part of this… Eric Verdi