Stories From The Street – October 2015

Story Selling

“Don’t Sell Homes, Sell Dreams”

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” -Rudyard Kipling

That quote 100% applies to selling real estate too. “If homes were described in the form of stories, they would never be forgotten.” It’s just the way human behavior is. We’re hardwired to listen to and fall in love with stories. Once you connect with a cause, a product, a person, or a home on a deeper level—thanks to the power of story—that person’s commitment is strengthened and solidified. By creating strong emotional attachment, for buyers to your home, the barriers to purchase are eliminated.

Just think about it. Emotional attachment is a special thing, and you see it everywhere. It could be a sports team. Buying a jersey and investing 3 hours watching a game makes one become emotionally invested in that team. Might be a cause. Curing Cancer for an example, if you or a loved one has battled cancer you immediately become emotionally invested to finding a cure. Or a Person. Every 4 years when electing a new President the public becomes emotionally connected to their favorite candidate. They put up signs in their yard, have bumper stickers, and try to influence friends that are ‘on the fence.’ They are emotionally invested in that candidate. Mainly because of the “stories” that are playing in their mind.

By creating this emotional attachment, the flaws that others see in that person, product, team – you overlook because you are invested.

The initial step in the Story-selling process is to properly prepare the house. Just as I meticulously studied the story-selling abilities of Steve Jobs, a few years back, I also studied the investment philosophy of Warren Buffett. I ask, “What if his Value-Driven Approach” to investing could be applied to real estate?” Turns out, after much research, and several years of experimentation, it can be. Following a 9-step process we position your home in the best light possible to be able to achieve maximum return. The Warren Buffett Approach is done before the home is even listed. A necessary step if you want to extract maximum profit. Some sellers take 2-3 months properly preparing their home for sale. Others take 3 weeks. Properly preparing your home is a pain, I know, and yes, I agree with you. But an absolute necessity if you’re going to achieve the highest return. Without this step you could hit every Psychological Trigger, but still be at a disadvantage.

The 2nd and 3rd Steps are to properly tell the story. First, – visually. And second, through the most powerful form of communication, the written word. Doing one without the other loses 65% of the attention of potential buyers; confirmed by a study conducted by Dr. Richard Mayer of the University of California. When combining words and pictures, the retention rate (of the reader, viewer, etc.) was increased by 65%. Thus, doing both is imperative to selling your home for maximum profit. After all, if we can’t capture and hold the attention of potential buyers, as they view dozens of properties, then your home will be forgotten.

Here is a Beautiful Example of a Property Story: